The Agatha Christie Megaset Collection (Miss Marple / Poirot) (9 DVD) Формат: 9 DVD (NTSC) (Box set) Дистрибьютор: A&E Home Video Региональный код: 1 Субтитры: Английский Звуковые дорожки: Английский инфо 11948f.

The Agatha Christie Megaset Collection (Miss Marple / Poirot) (9 DVD) Формат: 9 DVD (NTSC) (Box set) Дистрибьютор: A&E Home Video Региональный код: 1 Субтитры: Английский Звуковые дорожки: Английский инфо 11948f.

От издателя Thirteen Back-To-Back Feature-Length Mysteries On Nine DVDs!!! Miss Marple Mysteries A Caribbean Mystery (Disc 1, 1989 г, 100 мин) This tale finds Miss Marple (Joan Hickson) in a most exotic lачквлocation - vacationing in the West Indies However, even paradise among the idle rich can prove a trifle dull to a pensioner in a tweed two-piece Then, without warning, a tropical breeze blows an ill wind upon the Golden Palm Hotel, and Major Palgrave (Frank Middlemassбззтв) turns up dead Immediately, the indomitable Miss Marple perks up and begins gathering the suspects But with so many weird and wonderful guests lurking about the hotel, it seems that even the senior sleuth may have difficulty in cracking the case When more bodies appear, time proves of the essence … The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side (Disc 1, 1992 г, 100 мин) There is a great excitement in the village of St Mary Mead - American movie star Marina Gregg (Claire Bloom) is in towбпшюрn with her husband to shoot a new picture At her new home, Marina hosts an annual fete and invites the entire village It is there that Heather Badcok inadvertently drinks a poison cocktail intended for Marina Then a second killing occurs Miss Marple (Joan Hickson) soon uncovers deadly jealousies amongst the cast and crew that puts her hot on the trail of the killer … and Miss Marple's script does not call for getting away with murder! Sleeping Murder (Disc 2, 1987 г, 100 мин) When Giles (John Moulder-Brown) and Gwenda Reed (Geraldine Alexander) move into their dream house in a seaside resort, Gwenda finds herself haunted by the vision of a body in the hall It takes Miss Marple's (Joan Hickson) keen intuition to enlighten the Reeds: the imagined body is Gwenda's stepmother, thought to have run away long ago - but was in fact strangled when Gwenda herself lived in the house as a young child Miss Marple is not about to let sleeping murders lie, especially not after a fбтгюьormer maid is found murdered and Gwenda becomes the next potential victim To put this one to rest, she'll have to awaken a killer 4:50 from Paddington (Disc 2, 1987 г, 100 мин) On a jaunt to visit her friend Miss Marple (Joan Hickson), Elspeth McGillicuddy (Mona Bruce) chances to glimpse a man strangling a woman on a passing train Thus begins the extraordinary case of the 4:50 From Paddington When police fail to turn up a body, Miss McGillicuddy's ghastly observation is dismissed as the vivid imaginings of an elderly lady But Miss Marple knows better than to doubt murder, and her search for the corpse leads her to stately Rutherford Hall, and to crusty old Luther Crackenthorpe, patriarch of a family with a dark past With Miss Marple dissecting the clues, it's only a matter of time before she exposes the Crackenthorpes The Moving Finger (Disc 3, 1985 г, 98 мин) A rash of poison pen letters has been causing quite a stir in the quaint village of Lymston So much soбтфао that Maud Calthrop (Dilys Hamlett), the vicar's wife, calls in her old friend Miss Marple (Joan Hickson) for help Miss Marple quickly discovers that Lymston has a wealth of potentially cranky correspondents When the solicitor's wife turns up dead with one of the letters and a suicide note, our heroine's suspicions are aroused A second death is unmistakably murder, and still the ominous letters keep coming It seems only Miss Marple can uncover the true identity of The Moving Finger At Bertram's Hotel (Disc 3, 1987 г, 102 мин) London's Bertram's Hotel is a well-polished retreat where dowager duchesses, retired clergyman, and aging generals can indulge in the comforts of a bygone era But it's just a little too proper for guest Miss Marple (Joan Hickson) - she feels something sinister lurks beneath the hotel's genteel veneer And rightly so! Society beauty Bess Sedgwick (Caroline Blakiston), known for her appetite for adventure and men, has registered at the very same бтъреtime as a certain woman who happens to be her greatest rival - her daughter When the Irish doorman turns up dead, Miss Marple launches her investigation and the hotel's respectable facade begins to crumble The Murder at the Vicarage (Disc 4, 1986 г, 100 мин) Murder at the Vicarage begins with foul language and foul play In the sleepy little village of St Mary Mead, Miss Marple (Joan Hickson) overhears the mild mannered Reverend Clement swearing in anger about the most unpopular Colonel Lucius Protheroe (Robert Lang) Throughout the day, Miss Marple learns that certain other villagers have reason to hate the Colonel, so that when his body is found the next day, there is no shortage of suspects To complicate matters, some villagers have alibis, some confessions It will take all of Miss Marple's intuitive powers to separate the killer from the pretenders Nemesis (Disc 4, 1987 г, 100 мин) In Nemesis, not only does Miss Marple (Joan Hickson) have to solve a crime, buбтэуяt she has to discover what it is It begins with a cryptic letter from a recently deceased friend asking her to right an injustice, but giving no details - no who, what, when or where Her only starting point is a ticket for a bus tour of historic homes In true Agatha Christie fashion, not all of the passengers are on the tour by chance And when one of them ends up dead, Miss Marple is drawn into circumstances which grow ever more strange and sinister They Do It with Mirrors (Disc 5, 1991 г, 100 мин) Why is Miss Marple's (Joan Hickson) friend, Carrie-Louise Serrocold (Jean Simmons), being systematically poisoned? Miss Marple's trip to Stonygates, the rambling country mansion owned by Carrie-Louise and her third husband, Lewis (Joss Ackland), might shed some light on the mystery Then again, it might add more intrigue to an already bizarre scenario involving an extended family and a reformatory for young criminals where violence seems just below the surface When shots бтядхare fired in a darkened room and the victim turns up elsewhere, Miss Marple deduces the identity of the killer, but not how it was done - until she discovers the secret hobby of a trusted cohort Hercule Poirot Mysteries The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Disc 6, 2000 г, 100 мин) Hercule Poirot (David Suchet) has retired to a country village, until his neighbor, a wealthy industrialist, is found murdered Poirot reunites with his old partner, Chief Inspector Japp (Philip Jackson) to find the culprit, exposing a tangled web of blackmail, envy and murder Everyone in the Ackroyd household falls under Poirot's scrutiny, and in classic Agatha Christie style, this cast of suspicious characters all seem equally guilty! True to form, Poirot exposes the murderer with a lightning-quick solution to this most puzzling mystery Lord Edgware Dies (Disc 7, 2000 г, 100 мин) Hercule Poirot (David Suchet) returns to London where he meets famous actress Jane Wilkinson (Helen Grace) Smittenбуави, he agrees to visit her estranged husband, Lord Edgware (John Castle), to urge him to reconsider her request for a divorce Edgware insists that he has already agreed to Jane's request Yet, within twenty-four hours, he is found murdered Creating a gallery of suspects who all seem equally guilty, Agatha Christie sets the stage for Poirot's extraordinary powers of detection that are stretched to the limit, as he discovers that nothing is as it seems! Murder in Mesopotamia (Disc 8, 2001 г, 100 мин) Hercule Poirot visits his old friend Captain Hastings at an archeological dig in Iraq and uncovers a multitude of secrets The plot has all the makings of a soap opera: an impostor, drug addiction, jealousy, forged letters, theft, and of course, murder But Poirot's sophistication, as expertly portrayed by David Suchet in a crisp linen suit, helps Murder in Mesopotamia to rise above melodrama most of the time Poirot has his own poignant drama woven into the plot: he was originбуачхally invited to Baghdad by the Countess Vera Rosakoff (whom viewers may remember from "The Double Clue" in Agatha Christie's Poirot, Vol 5) but she is not at her hotel when he arrives Poirot's dejection at her continued absence makes an apt framing device for this tale of a murderer driven by passion Lively acting and an exotic, sun-drenched set enhance this video adaptation, making it as sinfully enjoyable as a good dose of juicy gossip Evil Under the Sun (Disc 9, 2001 г, 100 мин) Murder at a health resort makes for a very special kind of fun in the sun in this classic Agatha Christie mystery Evil Under the Sun finds Hercule Poirot (David Suchet) and the ever-ready Captain Hastings (Hugh Fraser) at an island resort for the betterment of the great detective's constitution Poirot's own health is soon the last thing on his mind as he becomes convinced that murder is afoot Lucky for us, he's right A glamorous actress, a brooding priest, and an assortment ofбубжл helpful busybodies mix in one of Christie's most famous plots As is usual in the A&E Poirot series, loving attention to period detail, a careful respect for the original novel, and a gentle wink at the quaintness of it all are apparent Suchet is, as always, a masterful Poirot, full of infuriating quirks and playful genius, and Fraser handles the difficult job of playing the bland-but-not-too-bland Hastings with aplomb Режиссеры: Кристофер Петит Норман Стоун Джон Ховард Дэйвис Мартин Френд Рой Боултинг Мэри МакМюрэй Джулиан Эмис Дэвид Такер Эндрю Грив Брайан Фарнхэм Том Клегг Продюсеры: Жорж Галлаццио Гай Слэйтер Брайан Истмен Творческий коллектив Производство 1985-1987, 1989, 1991, 1992, 2000 и 2001 гг Дополнительные материалы Miss Marple Mysteries Agatha Christie Biography Joan Hickson Biography/ Filmography Complete Index of All Miss Marple Stories Hercule Poirot Mysteries Index Of All Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot Stories Agatha Christie бубпюBiography David Suchet Biography Режиссеры (показать всех режиссеров) Кристофер Петит Christopher Petit Норман Стоун Norman Stone Джон Ховард Дэйвис John Howard Davies Актеры (показать всех актеров) Джоан Хиксон Joan Hickson Джоан Хиксон родилась 5 августа 1906 года в Кингсторпе (графство Норхэмптоншир) Она решила связать свою жизнь с театром и стать актрисой после того, как в пятилетнем возрасте побывала на детском рождественском спектакле Окончив школу, поступила в Дэвид Суше David Suchet Британский актер Дэвид Суше, более всего запомнившийся зрителям как исполнитель роли детектива Эркюля Пуаро, родился в Лондоне 2 мая 1946 года в семье врача и театральной актрисы С восемнадцати лет он играл в Национальном юношеском театре Актерское Хью Фрэйзер Hugh Fraser.